Happy Friday Internet….

First, Gen Con was a 4 day organized chaos that was awesome and I can’t wait to do it all over again, but from a publisher’s perspective next year, Lord willing.

Thursday, Brent and I arrived in Indianapolis around 8:30 am and it took over 30 minutes to park the car.  After that, we made our walk to the convention center and stood in line for the mad dash.  If you are friends with me on facebook or follow me on instagram, you saw the picture of the mad dash on Saturday…needless to say, it was insane!  Thursday we spent our time buying games, playing older games by Rio Grande Games, and playing demos of games with different publishers.  My favorite demo from Thursday was London Dread, which is a game based on horror running amuck in Victorian London.  I ended up buying this game on Saturday.

Friday was cool because we actually got some work done.  We both went to different seminars and met with a perspective artist for our game Goblin Lair.  We are very encouraged by the way Nolan reacted to the game and the gameplay and he seemed to be excited to work with us.

Saturday was our gaming day…we played different games.  I was in a King of Tokyo tournament, which was enjoyable but I was eliminated after about 25 minutes.  Saturday we also played a lot of Mayfair Games at their git-together.

Sunday was a relaxing day where we spent time in the exibitor hall and then playtested Goblin Lair with our friend Dave.  All in all, Gen Con was great…

Other Tidbits

  • On Tuesday, I played another Gen Con release in VAST:  The Crystal Caverns at the Tuesday game meetup in Champaign.  It was fun, but it took almost 3 hours because it was the first time playing the game for 2 of us and it just took a while to get going.
  • Has anyone watched the Syfy series Defiance?  I started watching it and really want to get into it, but it’s been kinda hard to…

That’s all I got for now…Have a great day!!!