Since today is the day before Gen Con, I figured I’d talk about why I love board games.  As a kid, I had video games(NES, SNES, Playstation) and I had board games.

Video games were a way to kill time and to have fun when I had no one to play with.  I really played video games to be a loner.

Board Games, however, force you to communicate and to interact with people.  From the earliest ages, I played games…I have a picture of playing Hungry Hungry Hippos with my grandparents at my 4th birthday.  I played Chess with my dad and classmates in school…I played Monopoly, Risk, and the game of Life with my cousin at my grandma’s house…games have been a part of my life from the beginning it seems.

So I’ve had a special place in my heart for board games and now I’m trying to design board games that I hope people will love and that people will have that nostalgic about their childhood or makes them think about American History or shows them the greatness of fantasy…that’s what I’m wanting to do with my publishing company, come along with us for the ride!!!