Happy Monday to y’all and welcome to Gen Con Week, a week that will probably wear me out to the point where I will want to sleep the entire week afterwards, but it’ll all be with it.

For those of you who do not know, Gen Con is the largest gaming convention in North America and it is in Indianapolis, Indiana and will have around 60,000 people rolling through the turnstiles this weekend.  The convention is from Thursday to Sunday and is known as a “Buying Convention”, which means that this is one of the conventions that people flock to to see new games and to buy games.

This will by my first Gen Con and second gaming convention this year(my first one was Winter War in Champaign, IL) and it will be a time to network, see how to operate as a publisher at a big convention, demo some new games to see what’s up and playtest some of our games while we are at the hotel after the convention each day.

I’ll be writing about what went on next Monday, but I’m expecting organized chaos during the convention and hopefully eating a good meal one night and then eating at 2 places that we don’t have in Champaign/Urbana…Chic-Fil-A and White Castle…YUM!!!!

Other Musings….

  • I finally played a game that has been hyped as one of the best games of all time and I have to say that it was awesome, but I’m not sure that any game could live up to the hype that I heard about this game.  Great job by Stonemaier Games on the game Scythe…if you like Eurogames, buy it…BUY IT NOW!!!
  • Today is the MLB trade deadline…if ya care.  Teams are getting ready for the home stretch.
  • One quick observation about Indiana that I remembered on Saturday when I drove to Indy…why do they charge for entrance to their state parks?  Can someone tell me?  In Illinois, we don’t have to pay to go to state parks, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the state starts doing that because Illinois is broke…
  • To all of my friends who are playing Pokemon Go….go catch’em all my friends!!!!