We’re almost to the weekend!!!!  Isn’t that exciting?  It also means that Donald Trump, whose pledge to “Make America Great Again” kinda makes me cringe, gets to finally speak at the Republican National Convention.

I really don’t know what to expect from this speech, but if it’s like any of his other speeches, he’ll probably fill it with putting down Secretary Clinton and not really saying how he’s going to “Make America Great Again”…How are you going to help lower income people who can’t make it on a minimum wage salary?  How are you going to truly help our veterans who can not get the support at home that they give us abroad?  How are you going to address criminal justice reform?  How are you going to bring better paying jobs back to America that have been shipped overseas due to globalization?  These are all questions that I would like the answer to from all candidates for public office, but they are all questions that you will NEVER hear a complete answer to.

Some quick questions that I don’t have an answer to…

What possesses someone to slam their door at midnight?

Why do I need at least 6 hours of sleep to not feel like crap?

Why does it seem that I am friends with some crazy people?

Who are the Cardinals going to trade for at the trade deadline?

Are the Rams really going to be missed in St. Louis?


I am in the preliminary stages of forming a company with two of my friends to design, develop and publish board games.  Days like yesterday make me want to scream at how much people are not willing to compromise…I’ll leave that right there for ya.