For fans of the walking dead and Pokemon Go, this is for you…I think the Walking Dead got it wrong, we all are not infected by a crazy zombie virus…Nintendo has planted the virus in Pokemon Go and that is how the Zombie Apocalypse will be implanted in us.

Last night, while watching Mr. Robot with a few friends…side note, this show is awesome, WATCH IT!!!!  Season 1 is on Amazon Prime and Season 2 just started yesterday…so, back to the story, I saw a WALKER!!!!  Dude had his phone in front of him and he was oblivious to his surroundings…he almost tripped on a speed bump…He’s the first one I’ve encountered!

Now, on Monday I was extremely annoyed by all the Pokemon Go posts and discussions at work, but now I really don’t care.  I never got into Pokemon when I was younger, but if Pokemon Go is making people happy then that’s cool.  I play board games as a hobby and people may think that is childish so go, my Pokemon friends, go and catch them all but realize that you are the first wave of the Zombie Apocalypse!