So I grew up in the St. Louis area surrounded by St. Louis Cardinals fans so yes, I am a Cardinals fan.  Now, I am not one of those Cardinals fans that will constantly point out how many world championships they have and how awesome the franchise is…I’m a baseball fan that happens to be a Cardinals fan.

For the NFL, it’s the Tennessee Titans.  I started rooting for the Houston Oilers when Warren Moon was their quarterback and they ran the run and shoot offense.

For the NBA…’s the Celtics!!!  I was brainwashed by my brother to love Larry Bird and my love for the Celtics have stuck.

For the NHL…it’s the Blues!!!!

College Football….It’s the Tennessee Volunteers!  If you ever meet me, I may sing Rocky Top in your presence if a Vols game is on anywhere within ear shot of me.

College Basketball…it’s the University of Illinois!  2005 was a magical season, but let’s hope we get a national title at some point.

Who are your favorite teams?  Is there a team that you truly love or one that you can’t stand?  Let me know!!!